More and more companies establish product manager roles and they get a heavier position within the company - the background is an increasingly complex business environment in the ecosystem where policymakers are expected to have a deep understanding of both technology and business.

The course Product Management - eight tools for success is a blended learning program with one eLearning part and 1 day workshops. The course includes methodology and tools to help you be more effective in the role of Product Manager and delivering profitable products with great value to the customer.

The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge in a blended format is what makes this course a must for all product managers and others working with product management. The methods and tools adapted to the modern approach to Agile, Scrum and Lean.


eLearning online

Online Tutorials  Content:

 - Lesson 1: Introduction to Product Handling 
 - Lesson 2: Creating insight into market development and our own    capabilities
 - Lesson 3: Creating Profitable Strategies 
 - Lesson 4: Product Planning by Road Map 
 - Lesson 5: Requirements Management 
 - Lesson 6: Value Techniques 
 - Lesson 7: Successful Product Launches 
 - Lesson 8: Product Manager Role - and Program Overview 

1 day workshops 

Part 1

We meet in full class for at the workshop. The purpose is to review and discuss key concepts and methods / tools as well as practical exercises based on selected tools from the online course.

Group exercises - on relevant parts of the course with discussion of current challenges in product management, and implementation in their own organization.




You get a homework where you are to work with a chosen tool from the course. You should expect to spend about 5-8 hours on your home work.

Webinar (2h)

Follow up
Lessons learned

Guidance and tips from your coach


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For whom?

  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Marketing managers
  • Commercial and business developers
  • Project managers, or you who have a high interest for products, development, marketing and business development, as well as those with a strategic role in the company.

Next Sessions

  • Session 1:  11/4   (Stockholm)
  • Session 2: 24/4 
  • Session 3: Fall 2018
  • Session 4: Winter 2018

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"Very good overview of product management,
for me a good refresh of concepts and some new things.” 

Head of Product Management, STATOIL LUBRICANTS 



8 Tools for Success

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