As product manager your mission is to drive your products to success. In order to do so you need skills and tools that support you in your daily work to confidently deliver first class product management. But only few product managers have ever taken a course in product management to learn those skills and tools.

Therefore, no matter if you are new or experienced in product management this comprehensive training program will give to give you a holistic understanding and knowledge in all parts of product management for software products, such as product strategies, product planning and marketing/ launch. Learn a framework and get a toolbox with models and knowledge for successful product management. This to strengthen your confidence and skills in how to drive your products to success. You will be able to manage your time and spend it where you deliver most value.

After completing the course, participants have sufficient knowledge to pass the certification test from the ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager.


Timing Description
Start Program Introduction and Process
Introduction of participants and expectations
Assignement hand-out
1 week  
Day 1 Introduction
Intro & Framework
Strategy Essentials
Business Aspects
Day 2 Legal Aspects
Product Planning
Wrap-up and Next Section
3 weeks Individual assignments
Day 3 Strategic Management
Sales & Distribution
Service & Support
SPM As Orchestrator
Day 4 Homework presentation
Program Wrap-Up
Syllabus Repetition
Study Time
Certification Test
Product Sheet Certified Product Manager

For whom?

  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Marketing managers in software industry, with some general knowledge or experience in the management or development of software products or software in software-intensive systems
  • Person responsible for IT-offerings in larger organizations, ranging from embedded systems to SaaS services.
  • Individuals working in the product managemnet function and want to become a product manager

A course participant should have at least 3 years of experience in the software industry in general.

Next Sessions

  • Session 1:  21-22/09 + 12-13/10
  • Session 2: 14-15/12 +11-12/1
  • Session 3: Spring 2018
  • Session 4: Summer 2018


Stefan_Sundh_ ISPMA Foiundation Level"The ISPMA training provided me with a powerful toolbox and a better understanding of what is important to prioritize and structure in my daily work as product manager"

Senior Solution Architect, NEXUS TECHNOLOGIE



Certified Product Manager

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