This Product Management Course helps you become a better software product manager. It will help you prepare for the ISPMA Software Product Management Certification, that is included in the training. After the training and certification, you will be more confident and skilled in your role as a product manager.  

As a Product Manager, your mission is to drive your products to success. To confidently deliver first class product management you need skills and tools that support you. But only a few product managers have ever taken a course to become a certified product manager, to learn those essential skills and tools.

Regardless if you are new or experienced in product management, this training gives you a holistic understanding and knowledge of what the product management role entails. The course covers areas such as product strategies, product planning, product marketing, and product launch.

You will learn a framework and get a toolbox with models and knowledge for successful software product management. It will strengthen your role as a software product manager or product owner. It will give you confidence as a product manager, and it will improve your skills in how to drive your products and orchestrate your team to success. You will be able to manage your time and spend it where you deliver the most value. Simply put, after the training your performance as a software product manager will improve.

After completing the course, you will have sufficient knowledge to pass the certification test to become an ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager.

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After the Product Management Training You Will:

  • Have insights, hands-on tools and knowledge for strategic software product management of commercial products as well as internal IT-offerings.
  • Have confidence in your product management role to make business-critical decisions based on research and best practice in product management, minimizing gut-feel decision
  • Know what is the core of software product management and how to spend your time
  • Have the knowledge base for passing the Software Product Management Certification tests provided by the ISPMA
  • Widened your network of fellow software product management professionals

A Course For Product Managers, Product Owners and Product Marketing

This product management course is suitable for most individuals involved in product management, but more specifically for the following roles, functions:

  • Participants with some experience in product management or from the software industry. Most participants have +3  years of experience within product management, either as  a Product Manager or Product Owner
  • Product Marketing managers in the software industry, with some general knowledge or experience in the management or development of software products or software in software-intensive systems
  • Persons responsible for IT-offerings in larger organizations, ranging from embedded systems to SaaS services.
  • Individuals working in the product management function and want to become a product manager

Upcoming Software Product Management Certification Programs

This Product Management Certification course is popular and fills up pretty quickly. To get your seat, please sign up to any of the upcoming sessions using the form to the right or by calling Sofie.  

  • Session 1:  4 - 5/4 +  9 - 10/5  in Gothenburg
  • Session 2:  23 - 24/5  +  19 - 20/6  in Stockholm
  • Session 3:  19 - 20/9 +  17 - 18/10 in Stockholm
  • Session 4:  12 - 13/12 + 9 - 10/1 - 2020 in Stockholm


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Stefan_Sundh_ ISPMA Foiundation Level


Senior Solution Architect,

"The ISPMA training provided me with a powerful toolbox and a better understanding of what is important to prioritize and structure in my daily work as product manager"

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