Your company has invested months, if not years, in developing your next revolutionary product and now it is getting ready for launch. That is exciting. However, 40-90 percent of all new product launches fail. What can you do to increase the chances of your next product launch becoming successful?

Product launches don’t have to be complicated, but they require thoughtful preparation. During the two day course you will learn tools, methods and best practices for making your next product launch a success. We will cover topics such as:

  • Launch as a process or event
  • How to define and communicate the true value of your product offering
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How to to build readiness, execute and follow up
  • Relevant strategies and tactics
  • Models, tools, and checklists that help you with the launch

Who should attend

This is a pragmatic course that mixes theory with examples and exercises. It is suitable for Product Managers in high tech B2B who want to become better at product launches and product marketing. It is also a course for those who work with product marketing but want to work more structured.

After the two days, you will have new insights and tools to make your next product launch a success.

About the trainers

The course is run by senior experts at Tolpagorni with extensive knowledge from product marketing and launches from companies such as GE, Scania and Tobii.

Hurry, seats are limited

To keep a tight schedule and have time for exercises and discussions we have to limit the number of participants.

If you, or any of your colleagues, wants to join, then please sign up today to secure your seat.



Timing Description
Day 1

Why will they buy - defining the value logic of your product
Who will buy - segmentation and personas
What to say - value proposition design
Marketing approach and tools - buyer journey, inbound and outbound, marketing stack

Day 2 What is a launch - scope, objectives and goals and more
Planning and preparation - pricing, channel strategy, building organizational readiness
Execution and follow up - making it all happen


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For whom?

  • Product Managers
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Individuals with previous experience from releasing and bringing high tech products to the market

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 leif.jpg"Today we struggle with a consistent messaging around my products
and although we have plenty of product marketing staff.
The Value Tree ® of Tolpagorni helps me as a PM
to 'take control' over the situation.” 

Sr. Product Manager, CA TECHNOLOGIES

Launch & Product Marketing

Sofie Ohlsén
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