• Do you have the right tools and methods to evaluate your product planning process?
  • Do you want to know when to terminate a product?
  • Get internal approvement and alignment of your Product roadmap?
  • Is it time to take your requirement engineering into the 21st century?

As a product person it is your daily decision making in all product planning phases that decides which product that will be built, released and maintained. That is quite some power, you can get stressed for less. This program will offer you a safety net with proven frameworks, methods, tools, tips and tricks to make your product continously successful.

About the program

Your prioritization and your methodology is the basis for the future revenue streams for the entire company. Requirement management is key to success. Seven out of ten development projects are failing to reach profitability. Often due to lack of market in-sight and alignment with strategies.

During this 2+2 day Product Planning Excellence program, developed by Tolpagorni and ISPMA, you will learn how to create achievable roadmaps, how to build domain knowledge in development, portfolio life cycle mangement and the role of requirements engineering in software product management.



 Who is this for?

This Product planning program is suitable for most professionals involved in the area of Product management. More specifically our attendees are:

  • Product managers
  • Business developers
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Project managers
  • Individuals with previous experience from directing R&D, working with requirements
  • Or other individuals in charge of products, ordering development or collecting market requirements

The course covers areas such as Roadmapping, development, life cykle management, requirements engineering and software product management.

The program will give you

  • A holistic understanding of the full spectrum of the product planning process and how to implement the product strategy and vision.
  • Confidence to take business critical decisions based on research and best practice in product management
  • Right tools and knowledge how to use them for commercial and strategic product management
  • Knowledge foundation, based on the ISPMA framework and Tolpagorni experience, needed to pass the ISPMA Product Planning certification test on an Excellence Level
  • Open the doors to an international network of certified product management professionals

A course participant should have at least 3 years of experience in the software industry in general.

PRICE: Now: 29.500 SEK (From 1/7 35.500 SEK)

Upcoming session:

  • Session 1:  14-15/11 + 5-6/12


Sofie Ohlsén
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