• Do you have the right tools and methods to evaluate your product planning process?
  • Do you want to know when to terminate a product?
  • Get internal approvement and alignment of your Product roadmap?
  • Is it time to take your requirement engineering into the 21st century?

Product planning is when strategy hits reality. It is the prioritization of your backlog together with the quality of your requirements that will determine the product´s future. Seven out of ten development project fails to reach success. often due to lack of poor product planning skills. How do you groom the backlog successfully? Taking your product planning skills to the next level will help you build the right product in a sustainable way. 

Course content:

  • Define the product planning arena
  • Integrating product planning with your backlog
  • 10 principles for product planning 
  • Roadmap techniques 
  • 10 requirement prioritization techniques
  • Working with estimations in uncertain environments
  • Business driven architecture and how it fuels your business

 Who is this for?

This Product planning program is suitable for most professionals involved in the area of Product management. More specifically our attendees are:

  • Product managers
  • Business developers
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Project managers
  • Individuals with previous experience from directing R&D, working with requirements
  • Or other individuals in charge of products, ordering development or collecting market requirements

The course covers areas such as Roadmapping, development, life cycle management, requirements engineering and software product management.

PRICE: 8500,-

Upcoming session:

  • 20/2 - 2020
  • 15/5 - 2020
  • 22/9 - 2020


Sofie Ohlsén