Creating product strategies is easy - you do that for breakfast. But creating executable product strategies, which are being used on a daily basis, is truly difficult. It's important that your strategy is aligned with the overall corporate directions and goals and can be used when doing requirement management, road mapping and but also in product marketing, segmentation and creating your value proposition. 

With this program you will understand how the product strategy is related to the company’s strategic work. Gain in-sight to use the company’s strategic direction, and leverage on it to optimize your product line profitability. We will go through the business model concept and especially the Business Model Canvas developed by Osterwalder‘sYou will gain hands-on tools and knowledge to develop strategies that are used in the everyday work. 

This program combines research from the ISPMA expert group, the Tolpagorni experience and global research.  Your strategic thinking will surely be challenged!

In addition to the Product Strategy program you will also get access to the ISPMA Strategic Management 1 day course as an eLearning. 


Timing Description
Program Start Program Introduction and Process
What challenges do you face in your current role?
(Introduction to
eLearning: Strategic Managment )
1 week  
Day 1 Business Models in the Software Industry
Customer Segments and Value Propositions
Day 2 Partnerships and the Software Ecosystem
Competition and Other Alternatives
Revenue Streams
3 weeks Individual assignments
Day 3 Cost Structure
Business Measures, KPIs, Risk Management
Legal Aspects
Using Strategies
Day 4 Process Management for Product Planning
Homework presentation
Program Wrap-Up
Syllabus Repetition
Study Time
Certification Test


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For whom?

  • Product Managers
  • Head of Product Management
  • Product marketing managers
  • Individuals from general management, R&D, sales, production, service and support and controlling

A course participant should have at least 5 years of experience in the software industry in general.

Next Sessions

Session 1: 10-11/10 + 31/10 - 1/11 (2 + 2 day program)



"I can highly recommend the Product Strategy - ISPMA Excellence course.
The skills and experience of the trainers together with thoughtful and creative exercises have given me a better platform to participate in and develop the strategic work. It was also interesting to learn from other participants' experiences, concerns, and solutions. " 




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