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We are living in a constant change, Product Managers breath and live with change. Breaking new ground and give their perspective on the market.

ProductBeats is here to help you manage the pulse, to give you insights and the support you need in developing your skills and knowledge within Product Management.

ProductBeats is for Product people, driven by Product thought leaders in collaboration with tool partners, moderated by Tolpagorni Product Management. In the closed community the dialogue is ongoing, product people are taking part in the pulse and knowledge sharing without getting interrupted. We drive local meetups and conferences based on ProductBeats thought leaders and the latest international trends. A combination of networking and knowledge building and sharing, structured with workshops as well as seminars.

Join us in our journey - let your product grow!

ProductBeats is everything you ever asked for:


The Product Management arena is more challenging than ever. The competition is tougher than ever before. The technology shifts are big in almost all industries. New business models are developed by you and your competitors. Our products and revenue streams need constant updating to fight off competition and meet new technologies, suppliers, materials, and trends. In addition, we need to plan for Sustainability. How do you keep your product and business up to date and plan for change in your industry? When will your solution or product be obsolete? What can you do to build your Sustainable revenues already today?

Listen to and interact with Product Managers and Experts in designing revenue streams, building insights for a future society and planning for success! Get your ticket today, only 45 seats are available. Tickets are only SEK 3500/DKR 2700.

We guarantee that you will get

  • 3 ideas for larger product profits
  • 3 models for improved product management
  • 3 concepts for sustainable product business
  • 3 new contacts within product management

Meet ProductBeats thought leaders and hear about the latest international trends. A combination of networking and knowledge building and sharing, structured around 3 days with workshops and conference.



The speakers are established Product Experts and ProductPeople, from all over Europe.

Listen to Daniel Zacarias in Gothenburg on how to work with prioritization. He is the author behind one of the world's most popular papers on prioritization. Petra Färm will share the extended Business model canvas and give you advice on how to create a long term business model. Gustav Stenbeck will share how you create a sustainable business and make it happen while making money. Be inspired by Magnus Billgren and learn how Facebook has built a ProductSense. And more speakers below.


7th November Gothenburg Sweden

ProductBeats Conference Sustainable Revenues


Henry Song

Scaling Product Management

A product manager from Facebook, where he built the Product Sense. A way of looking at Product to make it scale. He will share the concept with you and teach how to achieve it! So start planning massive scaling!





Dennis Kittrell, Innovenue

Blockchain will transform business

- Are you building or moving your business to the cloud.? Dennis has done it and evolved cloud product offerings and processes. Understand the Business impact you can achieve with Cloud and of Blockchain and how to explore new opportunities. Dennis brings his experience from successful Spanish companies like Mattermost, Webinterpret and American companies like Cleardata and Aplus.


Daniel Zacarias, Substantive, Portugal

Daniel is fascinated by the human side of making software products. On the one hand, getting to understand customers’ problems and needs. On the other, dealing with all the internal stakeholders, teams, constraints and decisions that need to happen in order to get the product out the door.



Karin Eklund, Toyota Material Handling, Sweden

How UX can help build customer loyalty for long-term revenue streams

Using subscription business models also requires an increase in delivering user experience to keep customers continue using your Product. Karin talks about how to develop UX and the Products with experience from many Product organisations.




Gustav Stenbeck, Mestro, Sweden

Changing businesses of tomorrow starts today

Gustav works as CEO for Mestro, an entrepreneur and a business angel in the area where business and sustainability intersect. He’s an incurable tech optimist, curious capitalist and innate ecologist. In his talk he will showcase how the businesses of tomorrow need to change the way they make money to stay relevant and how this change is affecting the firms of today.

He's got a solid background is within sustainability and he was the Sustainability Manager for Nordic Choice Hotels, a very successful hotel chain. He has also been appointed one of the three best Swedish Sustainability Managers 2015 and is constantly ranked as one of the top 100 most influential sustainability persons in Sweden by the magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet.



Torbjörn Sundström, Micropower Group

Defining Product for customers

Torbjörn lead Micropower Group from 0-15 M€ in two years and tells the story how End User Understanding and Value Mapping for the different stakeholders can lead to success. The Values will be designed into the product itself and provides a solid ground for long term partnerships. By using Product Management tools and processes to defiene a successful product filled with customers values, Customers loved it and the product sells itself.




Petra Färm, Tolpagorni Product Management

Sustainable Revenues – delivering a greater Value

The valuation of companies on the stock exchange is about anticipating the future revenues. Risks and uncertainty are quickly reducing the value of any stock. What if you could show the sustainability of your business and revenues?

The Product Management arena is a powerful position. We as product managers define our company’s future offerings. But how do we work to create a sustainable revenue, that also puts sustainability into the equation.



Magnus Billgren, Tolpagorni Product Management

The age of products

Magnus is a product strategist, product planner and product marketer with a profound understanding of the challenges within the B2B high tech industry. He is constantly thinking about marketing when working with development and strategies. Connecting perspective is how Billgren works. Whether it is strategic thinking or details, marketing or technology He combines logical thinking with creativity. Billgren attacks all challenges from many directions creating sustainable products. Products that delivers profitability for many years. Billgren has created new products generating sales for more than 1 billion Euros.



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