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We are living in a constant change, Product Managers breath and live with the change. They  break new ground and want to give their perspective on the market. ProductBeats will help you manage the pulse, give you an insight and the  support you need  in developing your skills and knowledge.


ProductBeats is everything you ever asked for:

ProductBeats is for Product people, driven by Product Experts, in collaboration with tool partners. It is moderated by Tolpagorni Product Management, thought leaders within the area.

In the closed community the dialogue is ongoing, product people are taking part in the pulse and knowledge sharing without getting interrupted.

We drive local meetups and conferences based on ProductBeats thought leaders and the latest international trends. A combination of networking and knowledge building and sharing, structured with workshops as well as seminars.

Join us in our journey - let your product grow!


Yes, count me in! Keep me updated on what is happening

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