Joining a network is an opportunity to meet regularly with other product management professionals with a shared commitment to identify smart ways of working and addressing similar challenges. You will lift your own performance and grow personally in your role as a high tech product manager in B2B.

A yearly membership in a network will create an affinity with people from across different industries. It also gives an opportunity to benchmark and develop your Product management knowledge.

Professional Network for Product Managers

The ultimate goal with our network is to combine participants knowledge, experience and insight  in order to strengthen the individuals and develop product leadership competence.

In order to do so, we offer half day workshops in the network, led by a professional moderator who facilitates engaging discussions and invites industry experts to join us and add to the fire our conversations.  Great insights are gained into current trends, future technologies and best practices of leading Product Managers. Participation will create an affinity with people who share the commitment to overcome similar challenges and dilemmas. This also increases the participants' knowledge of other industries and and gives an opportunity for benchmarking.

What areas are discussed?

Workshop themes are chosen by the network participants according to common needs. The combination of research-based theory and hands-on exercises creates a truly stimulating environment that spreads knowledge, promotes creativity and provides a practical outcome from this. The network participants get access to an online platform where relevant resources prior and after each session can be reached.  Tolpagorni often reach out to an experts on the given topic to get input and boost  conversation. 

Typical networking topics:

  • Product Marketing and creating value based marketing
  • The Product management role and how to orchestrate other units
  • Product Strategy
  • Road mapping
  • Market Insight creation
  • Requirements management
  • Create a successful Launch
  • How to work with sales
  • Product life cycle management
  • How to handle change management

Membership and Application

This is an annual membership with a subscription that starts at the date that you sign-up.  We are looking for motivated groups and it is our policy that there can be no participants from competing companies, or companies with a commercial bond.

Therefore network groups are carefully put together via an application process and interviews with Tolpagorni specialists.  We look at experience, current role, strategic level and specialist skills to create dynamic groups to excel. 

For whom?
To apply you need to be an experienced Product manager or leading other Product Managers

Network fee

24.000 Sek/year (Excl. VAT)


"To participate in a network with other product managers and discuss and exchange experience has been very rewarding. To see that people from different companies have the same problem and take part in how others have solved them, provide new inspiration for my own situation"

Fredrik Cederberg



Sofie Ohlsén
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