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Develop your Value Logic and create Product Marketing that works!

Defining and communicating your product's value, value engineering, is needed more than ever. The increase in competition forces a change in the way we do business. It has a major impact on all communication with our customers. In addition, customer behavior is changing. They look for a new type of cooperation with their partners. The product is still core but we need to define and discover the true value in our deliveries. That is where value engineering comes in.

TOLPAGORNI has developed a new way of working with industrial marketing and communication. The work is based on research in sales and marketing and pragmatic experience and has been packaged into a powerful workshop.

About the Product Value course

During the workshop, Tolpagorni experts will guide you through the Value Development Model©.  The Model is a framework by Tolpagorni for Product Managers to wish to work with a value perspective in designing support for sales and marketing.

It covers four areas: Discover, Define, Connect and Convey.

What will I learn:

  • To discover the true values in your deliveries as well as the value logic
  • Tools like Driving forces, Target market, Value Tree®, Value Vectors
  • To Define the targeted value proposition to identify the core value
  • Resonating focus tools
  • Connect values with personas and situations that customers can relate to.
  • Tools like Personas, Compelling events, Storytelling
  • How to create marketing that generates results
  • Tools like PMA and Engagement models

After the Workshop:

  • You will know how to use the powerful Value Tree® tool to identify and engineer your Value Logic
  • You will increase the quality of your Value Argumentation
  • You will have the skills to react to changes in customer behavior and stay on top of the competition
  • You will be able to use Compelling Events to trigger the Value discussion
  • You will be able to produce relevant Engagement Models
  • You will be able to create effective marketing communication that supports sales

For Whom:

  • Product marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • For Creating value logic
  • For you working on a product launch

This course is popular and fills up quickly. To save your seat, please sign up for any of the upcoming sessions using the form to the right. For team trainings, contact one of our training managers.

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More than 500+ Customers trust us

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