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Creating Products with market fit!

Design Thinking is a key tool for product management, for many reasons. It is a framework that kicks off by studying the customer’s needs, pains and desires, and then designs a solution to fit. This process is far more likely to produce a product that the customer feels he or she needs, and automatically makes the product more marketable. Design Thinking is an “outside-in” approach where the design of the product follows the needs of the customer.

We will explore all 5 steps of the process as well as the 4-day Design sprint in a blended learning format of seminars and workshops.

The three main principles of Design Thinking are

  • The solution must match user desires
  • The solution must be technically feasible
  • The solution must be economically viable.

Key content

  • Concept Development
  • Customer Insights
  • Problem design
  • Product Validation
  • Design Sprint

Skills gained

  • Understand Design Thinking and be able to implement a Design Sprint
  • Know how to integrate Design Thinking in Product Management
  • Be able to validate product, service and business

Who is this for?

  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Tech people and Project managers



When you book

The training includes: breakfast, fika, lunch, training materials, and a network of peers

Documentation: All presentations will be shared via the ProductBeats community platform. Prior to attending you will be invited to the training page (group) at

Photo: We document our trainings with photos and video for marketing purposes. All images are for Tolpagorni use only. If you do not want to appear in these images, let us know beforehand.

You may cancel with a full refund up to 30 days before training starts. Changing dates is also possible up to 14 days before your scheduled training starts. You are allowed to transfer your seat to a colleague if you cannot attend. 


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More than 500+ Customers trust us

Take responsibility for your product management capabilities!

Training your Product skills is your responibility. As there are no Academic product educations so where do you get your knowledgeand best practise from? There are multiple sources:

  • Video channels
  • Books
  • Web searches
  • Tolpagorni trainings

About Us

We Build High Performing Product Management 

In today’s tech enabling society the opportunities are massive.
The boundaries of markets and technology have drastically changed and will continue to do so.
Product management is a vital function in managing the change and being able to build a long term competitive edge.

We help teams, individuals and companies on their  journey to build and launch successful products.
We have the tools, methods and experience to make it happen.
We love technology and thrive when it gets complex! 


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