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High Performance Product Management

This is not a training. Yet it is. It is skills beyond certification.

  • The training gives you the tools to drive products and organizations to success
  • It is a program focused on creating and executing product strategies
  • It will help you create new insights and add them to your  experience
  • Learn how to develop the products that your customers will love AND the business your management will adore
  • Establish your Product toolbox
  • Get into Design Thinking 
  • The Power of Insights 
  • Secrets of the Business Model Canvas 
  • Executable Strategies 
  • Design Product Management team
  • Speed Layers and how to use them
  • Empower marketing with Value Logic
  • Program designed for efficient learning 
  • Set Up to fit the busy agenda of Senior Management
  • Post-program personal coaching, missions, and peer-to-peer support team
  • Learn and speak with the best thought-leaders of Product Management
  • Collaborate with other experienced Product Managers and learn from them
Tobias Gunnesson,
Volvo Car Retail Soloution

"This exciting program gave me lots of new insights with strategic Product Management and how to lead product organizations with cross-border pedagogy inspired by rock stars and security police"

Maria Winkvist, Kontigo Care

"This program exceeded all my expectations because of all the highly relevant topics. Building a brand-new product toolbox together with a fantastic and experienced group of  product people gave me a lots of new insights and value to bring back to my organization"

Stefan Linholm, Scania Group

"Tonnes of experience in the room, highly skilled and energetic trainers and lecturers,  topics that matters and makes a difference for me as a Product Leader in my daily work."

Insights, hands-on tools and knowledge for strategic product management.
Break the ceiling by using the connected models more efficiently and strategically.
Understanding the core of product management and how to leverage it .
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Use the right tools and knowledge for designing and governing your product.
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The Knowledge Advisors
Magnus Billgren
Magnus is the founder of Tolpagorni®, creator of the “High-Performance Product Management Model”, founding member and fellow at International Software Product Management Association. He has created products selling for more than 1 billion Euros, a specialist in high tech product management.

Billgren thinks and acts in a different way. He connects engineering, business, design and philosophy into Product Management.
Rich Mironov
Rich is driven by the understanding the problem of execution. He is a guru in Product Management from Silicon Valley. He has held technical product roles at multinationals, marketing/product leadership at five start-ups, and consulting roles with more than 50 tech companies. He has earned diplomas from Stanford and Yale.

He is considered an expert on software product management, marketing and making it happen. It is a thrill to experience how he approaches a product management problem.

Petra Färm
Petra is a Strategic Product Expert and Technology strategist at Tolpagorni® with experience from Designing, Developing and rolling out products in deep technology arenas. She has a PhD in electronics and research experience from Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and CadenceLab Berkeley. She is one of the creators of the Product SoundTrack and SpeedLayer Concept.
Petra's intense brain activity is only interrupted by her laughter. If you are to work with Petra you will need to be on your toes and have a smile on your face.
Adrienne Tan
Adrienne is a co-founder of Brainmates, a keystone of the Product Management world. She turns strategies into action. And is obsessed with customer value and problem solving. One of the world’s most influential Product Management Experts, for a reason.

Adrienne is the person you want to work with. Creative and outcome driven. And always with higher principles to guide the product, team and process.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek
BTH is ranked as number one in Europe and number six in the world when it comes to research in Software Development. Tony is one of the main reasons for this. He is a specialist in Value driven development. He is connecting research with his pragmatic experiences from running five companies.  
His speed of thinking is only outpaced by his speed of talking. You'd better hold on!
Jonatan Stenson
Our Rock Star

Jonatan knows nothing about high tech Product Management. But he knows what it takes to create and deliver great music experiences. And it will help you to lead your products to success.

Program Layout

The Program is designed for efficient learning for busy professionals.
The Post-Program personal coaching, missions, and peer-to-peer support team turns your new knowledge into action.

Program Set-Up

• 4 days of Instructor-Led Seminars and Workshops
•  4 live Webinars
• A Personal coaching session with your knowledge guide
• Individual Assignment and General Missions
Price: 44 500 SEK (approx Euros 4 500)



Professionals in roles such as Sr. Product Manager, Head of Products, Portfolio Managers, CTO:s would benefit from this program

Date and Location

Dates: April - May 2020
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Two Face -to-Face Sessions and the rest are web based

Criteria for the Program: 

1) Good understanding in Product Management 
2) +5 years of relevant experience in the field of Product Management.
3) Professionals in roles such as Senior Product Managers, Head of Products, Portfolio Managers and CTO:s, would benefit from this program.


Iyou have any questions regarding the program,
please contact Sofie Ohlsen at: sofie.ohlsen@tolpagorni.com,
or call her at +46 72 555 15 44


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Your host for the program is Tolpagorni Product Management. Tolpagorni® has supported the evolvement of products generating billions of Euros in sales. We have learned what it takes to reach success and to lead the Product Management to achieve it. We specialize in B2B products that are technology intensive.

Tolpagorni® has developed the High-Performance Product Management (HPPM) Program based on over 100 customer projects and by interacting with thousands of Product Managers. The program has been running since 2013 for some of the leading tech companies in the world and now some of the very key insights are shared in an open program. In addition to the Tolpagorni® experience, the best Product Management Experts from around the world guide you in the learning journey. Your guides of this program are practitioners with thorough experience from leading products to success.