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These Lunch & Learns are an online try-out session for the Senior Product Management Network, running all year round. We have a weekly 45-minute sessions based on popular topics among Product Managers and participants will have the exclusive opportunity to join our Senior PM Network. 


Like Football (Soccer), Product Management is a game of strategy involving a team of players. As Product Managers, how do identify the play we're in and how do we aligning our teams to execute. 


Try out a free online session for product managers and let´s come together to support each other!

When: Friday October 30th
Where: Online session
Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (UTC+2)
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Upcoming Topics


Friday November 6th: Using a Futurist Mindset to Propel Products
Friday November 13th: Infusing AI into Products
Friday November 20th: Product Brands
Friday November 27th: Product Planning