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In these challenging times, having the right information and insights is crucial to make the strategic decisions needed to carry your products forward.

Some companies will struggle, others will prosper; get support from experienced Product Managers across multiple industries and ensure your part of the latter.

Share your views and insights to help others. Members often say “This help is great. I’m in that process now!” Now more than ever, networks are needed!

So, join our network of Product Managers and gain the opportunity to meet regularly with other like-minded professionals; together we can identify smart ways of addressing the problems of today and craft the solutions for tomorrow. You will not only lift your own professional performance but also grow personally in your role as a Product Manager.

About the workshop:

The goal of our network is to improve strategic thinking and support immediate challenges. This is achieved by leveraging participants knowledge, experience and insights through weekly 90-minute workshops moderated by a professional Product Manager from Tolpagorni. Members will be able to:

  • have a dedicated platform to share relevant material
  • access to Tolpagorni professionals for expert advice
  • develop a long-lasting professional network to carry forward

Themes for the workshop are chosen by the participants according to common needs.

You will learn:

  • To manage your Product in challenging times
  • New ways of thinking around strategic Product Management
  • New Market Insights from diverse industries

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Leverage best practices to drive your Products forward

  • Successful navigate difficult Product situations

Designed For:

  • Product Managers, Business developers

  • Portfolio Managers, Product Owners

  • CPO, Head of Product, Product Director

Application for Membership

Apply by contacting Torbjörn Höjer or any Tolpagorni representative. We will make sure you end up in a network where:

  • none of the participants are direct competitors

  • the participants have a similar level of experience

Date & price

This is membership that starts April 8th, 2020 and ends after 8 weeks.
Two-month membership costs 2.450 sek.




All the trainers are experienced Product Managers with successful track records - generating billions of Euros in sales and profit.


All documentation, including training materials will be made available via the ProductBeats community platform found at

Tolpagorni reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any organized or sponsored event, without the expressed written permission of those attending. Any individual participating at one of our events who wishes not to have their image taken should express their objection beforehand.

Due to the nature of these events we require a cancellation notice of at least 30 days in advance to provide a full refund. You can reschedule 14 days in advance of the event date, or if you are unable to attend it is possible to transfer your spot to colleague, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Torbjörn Höjer

Training portfolio manager

Mobile: +46 709 518 019

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More than 500+ Customers trust us

Take responsibility for your product management capabilities!

Training your Product skills is your responibility. As there are no Academic product educations so where do you get your knowledgeand best practise from? There are multiple sources:

  • Video channels
  • Books
  • Web searches
  • Tolpagorni trainings

About Us

We Build High Performing Product Management 

In today’s tech enabling society the opportunities are massive.
The boundaries of markets and technology have drastically changed and will continue to do so.
Product management is a vital function in managing the change and being able to build a long term competitive edge.

We help teams, individuals and companies on their  journey to build and launch successful products.
We have the tools, methods and experience to make it happen.
We love technology and thrive when it gets complex! 


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