ProductBeats: Webinar Series LIVE

Every Tuesday morning we energize your Product Week. A new guest every week brings you knowledge and inspiration. Guests like Adrienne tan, Ken Sandy, Roman Pichler, Petra Färm, Guido Stompff, and more.

No Recordings are made - experience these sessions LIVE and get a chat with the thought leaders.

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When: Every Tuesday 
Where: Online, a link will be sent in a calender invite. 
Time: 08:27-08:57 (CET)


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The success continues!

Guests to the SHOW are:


8th of Sep Ulrike Laubner-Kelleher Switzerland/US

Vitalize your product with Customer Data


15th of Sep Monika Hansson Sweden

Leverage Digital Business Development


22nd of Sep Chris Lukassen, the Netherlands

Why Product Managers should learn Judo


29th of Sep Anna Gullstrand, Sweden

How to create engaging workshops


6th of Oct Shaun West, UK/Switzerland

Ecosystem mapping


13th of Oct Daniel Merriman, UK

Why Sociologists are better Product Managers


20th of Oct Janne Lundberg, Sweden

Everyday Innovation


27th of Oct Maarten Dalmijn, the Netherlands  Johan Cruyff and Product Management


3rd of Nov Bas Boorsma, the Netherlands

The future of Cities


10th of Nov Tulasi Menon, India - AI for Everyone


17th of Nov Johan Tegstam, Sweden - Product Brands - Yes or No?


24th of Nov Melissa Klemke, Australia - Get it Done - Product Planning

8th of Dec Heikki Pulli, Finland - SALES love PRODUCTS