Sustainable PM TolpagorniDevelop Product Management Models by adding a Sustainable Perspective

When:  16 May  9-16 at our office, Ringvägen 100E, lunch and fika will be provided


A meaningful and crucial workshop created to develop valuable Product Management tools in order to better support sustainable strategies and make a difference.
The result of the work will  be a key input to the Product Management Models shared by Tolpagorni to thousands of customers as well as input to the evolving Product Management  frameworks, like ISPMA framework. (International Software Product Management Association)


Have you worked in product management for 3+ years? Do you have a broad understanding of product management models and are you eager to truly create products that makes a difference in the world? Are you keen to make a difference?


We need to take responsibility for our future. Read Roman Pichler's recent posting on Product Ethics with inspiration from Magnus Billgren.


This is a free workshop. 


After the workshop we at Tolpagorni will undertake model development and iterate it with participants and other references. All participants will be credited for their input and work.  

DOWNLOAD UN - Sustainable  Development Goals


"How can we bring sustainability back to the product management table and into our tools and models? How can Product Management become more sustainable? Is it by keeping your digital footprint down by building products that are energy efficient or is it by visualising the environmental impact your customers could have by using your product?"

Take action now - join the movement on 16 May!

Petra Färm
Sustainable Product Management (in the making)
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